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Can I advertise the fact that I am working towards the IiVE Standard?

If you are working towards the Standard but have not yet achieved it, you can communicate this to your stakeholders, as it demonstrates your commitment to excellence in volunteer management.

You can use the IiVE logo once your company has achieved the Standard.

You will have the opportunity to be re-assessed in three years time.

How do I get started?

The first stage in becoming an IiVE accredited company is to “register your interest”. This will put you in touch with the relevant agency for your country.

How is Investing in Volunteers for Employers managed?

Investing in Volunteers for Employers is a UK Standard, but is managed locally by each individual country of the UK.

How long will it take?

The amount of time will vary from company to company depending on its size, complexity, current level of ESV processes embedded and so forth. It is normally recommended that the process is completed within 12 months.

How much will it cost to achieve IiVE?

The cost of Investing in Volunteers for Employers will depend on the size and complexity of your business and the amount of support and training required.

See Investing in Volunteers in your country for information on the cost of IiVE.

What happens after our organisation achieves IiVE status?

The IiVE Standard is awarded for three years, after which time companies are invited to be reassessed.

During this three year period your assessor will recommend how to sustain the good practice you have implemented whilst going through the Investing in Volunteers for Employers process.

We will also keep you up-to-date with information about the development of the Standard.

Being awarded the IiVE Standard is an ideal opportunity to celebrate with your employee volunteers.

What happens if we are not ready for assessment after 12 months?

If you and your advisor agree that you are not ready for assessment after 12 months, then an extension can be granted.

What happens if we do not meet the standard?

If your assessor decides your company does not meet all of the nine indicators, then you will agree how and when you will be able to achieve them, and when you should be reassessed. This should ideally be within the next three months.

Additional assessment is likely to incur additional costs.

What if my company is multi-sited?

The IiVE process can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

What is the assessment process?

There are “six steps” to achieving IiVE. When you have signed up, your company will be appointed an assessor who will facilitate a workshop for Board members, staff and employee volunteers to introduce the Standard.

S/he will be involved in giving you feedback on your self-assessment form and samples of evidence. This will assist you in writing your Development Plan.

The Assessor will then return, when you feel you have carried out all the developments required, to interview a range of staff, Board members and employee volunteers and assess samples of written evidence. You will receive a verbal and then a written report. The decision of your assessor will then go to an assessment panel for a final decision.

What should I do if my company has merged with another business?

If your company has merged since achieving the IiVE Standard, then it is probable that you will have to be reassessed in order to maintain your status as an Investing in Volunteers for Employers company.

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