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Nottingham Trent University - Apr 2015

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Nottingham Trent University


Why did you decide to go for Investing in Volunteers for Employers (IiVE)?


NTU have been running a staff volunteering scheme for 10 years and felt that the IiVE accreditation would be a beneficial experience to ensure the scheme is of a high quality. We also were interested to see where any improvements were required in our provision after measuring against national standards.


What benefits have you found from working towards IiVE?


The IiVE process has been useful to reflect on our processes and see where our strengths lie and where any weaknesses are. It has helped to further embed staff volunteering in the University and develop relationships with colleagues across the institution.


Tell us about your experience of the assessment process in your organisation.


The actual assessment process was pretty straightforward and clear. The initial information and contact could possibly have been a bit clearer in terms of timescales and what the rest of the assessment process involved. When we first met the assessor, however, we got more clarity regarding the remaining months until the final decision. The assessment days went very well and there was positive feedback from those involved. All the paperwork and deadlines were met and the assessor kept us in the loop as the assessment progressed. 


Any practical tips you would give another organisation working towards Investing in Volunteers for Employers?

·         We were surprised at how many people needed to be interviewed, so allow plenty of time to do the logistics around this prior to the assessment days

·         Involve key people across the organisation to feed into the self assessment, including volunteers.

·         Don't underestimate the amount of time and detail required for the self assessment, including collating the evidence

·         Go into the process with an open mind to improve your practice




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