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Herbert Smith LLP

Why did you decide to go for Investing in Volunteers for Employers (IiVE)?

As an organisation with higher than average numbers of volunteers, we wanted to make sure we were not only offering to quality volunteering opportunities, but also displaying best practice in managing our community investment programme.

As our volunteering figures were rising, it was felt to be a good time to assess how competently we are working in this area, and to introduce new practices which would help to manage higher levels of volunteering across the firm.

We finally felt that this would also ensure recognition for those staff who do volunteering, and help us to manage our programme.

What benefits have you found from working towards IiVE?

Working towards IiVE has really helped us assess the core components of any employer supported volunteering, much more rigorously than if we had attempted to overhaul practice on our own.It has allowed us to measure and monitor every element of the programme, which expert help and guidance from an assessor who has experience in this type of work.

Tell us about your experience of the assessment process in your company.

The assessment process was well managed, and the difficulties of trying to pin down client facing staff or interview was handled very well by our assessor, particularly when the heavy snow prevented many from getting in.

This level of flexibility and tailored support throughout the assessment process was appreciated.

5 Practical tips you would give another company working towards Investing in Volunteers for Employers

·Keep accurate and up to date information on volunteers and projects

·Communicate the process with key staff and volunteers, so that they can help drive the assessment forward

·Make contingency plans for the assessment stage and site visit, as not all staff invited for interview will be able to attend on the day

·Use your assessor to bounce ideas around and always ask questions

·Celebrate your success, and use the award as another way to develop volunteering in your organisation

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